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We focus on the process through character development while striving together.

Why Competere Coaching?

Competere Coaching is a complete Junior athletic and personal development program. We offers athletes an opportunity to sign up and be apart of a unified team of specific coaches who design programs tailored for each athlete. The course has 4 programs which cover athletic and personal development. Each program has a specialized coach who will guide the athlete through the various progressions. What makes this program unique is the platform for sharing information between the rest of the team of coaches and the athlete. Parents and athletes have the ability to view and correspond with each coach as certain posts and information are upload to their profile.

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Roberto Bianco

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What can you expect from Competere Coaching?

Competere coaching is a platform targeted towards our next generation.

Both scholars and athletes come to Competere Coaching to be mentored, guided, and coached towards their aspirations. I will work side by side with you and your team, and help you clarify and understand what is needed for your goals to be met. I will provide you with programming options that are structured to help you grow in various aspects. Your child will learn what it means to hold themselves accountable and take responsibility for your own development with confidence, clarity, and commitment.

Take a listen to our podcast as we discuss our methods, principles and results.

Season 1, Episode 1 – About Us    |    10 min

Thoughts and Experiences on Parents and Their Athlete Kids.

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Coaching Principles & Various Age Groups

Competere curriculum. The curriculum is broken up into various phases of focus. Each phase will run for 4 weeks . 4 weeks is not a guarantee as clients may have unforeseen circumstances and other responsibilities. This will all be taken into account and it is our...

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