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My name is Roberto Bianco

Tennis player, coach

About Roberto

After his successful collegiate tennis career and upon obtaining his Bachelors of Art in Business Manangement and Marketing,Roberto focused his career in full time tennis coaching where he has designed, implemented and directed high performing athletic facilities, and developed and coached highly competitive junior tennis players.

Roberto’s passion for coaching all students/athletes, interests in athletic skill development and his personal focus on enhancing his own growth mind set has inspired him into creating Competere Coaching. Roberto has spent thousands of hours coaching, guiding and mentoring both parents and their children of all ages to improvements both on and off the court.

His international competitive tennis playing experience and is coaching experience have paved the way to developing a pathway to success for improvements for many all students and athletes. His passion and insight is directed at those individuals who are driven by a will to learn and a want fulfill their goals both in their athletic environment and day to day life.

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