How we coach


Let’s take a very quick glimpse of my coaching methodology. 

Character – Process – Results

Coaching Methodology


In the Character stage we will identify the traits inside both Moral and Performance character. We define what charter traits are needed to perform at your highest level and what each of those traits mean. This is one of the basic introduction tools of creating and instilling a character awareness mindset as early as possible so we can move into the various areas of development with clarity, confidence and commitment.

What do you tend focus on the most while you are practicing and performing?
What skills are needed to perform at your desired level?
What do you struggle with the most? Is confidence a thought or a feeling?


The process starts with laying out the understanding that character drives the process. We will assess what you want to achieve and what expectations you hold for yourself, and then take a closer look at how to break down all the moving parts into a step by step process.

What is your day to day plan?
How do you go about defining your own unique plan?
What are your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities?
Are you creating the habits for success?


I see results as a bi product of character development and process. While we can have goals set there must be constant emphasis on the process and revision of the process.

Are you able to hold yourself accountable and take responsibility at all times?
What do you understand about results?
Do you understand what aspects are in your control and outside of your control?

There is never failure, just opportunities to learn. “Koby Byant”

One on one Coaching

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Group Coaching

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