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Outline of Competere Coaching

Our process

The Competere coaching course gives young athletes a professional structured curriculum to develop the necessary skills and habits for growth to take place. Competere Coaching provides athletes a chance to be guided through each area while teaching accountability and responsibility.

The 3 starting points of the Competere Coaching course.

1. The On Boarding Assessments.

The Competere On Boarding assessments are a series of tests and excerises in the fundamental areas of athletic and personal development. I look at the On Boarding assessments as the first step in gaining insight and clarity into your pathway to success. This fundament stage is what leads us to discover what your the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats are in your mission to be the best you can be.

2. Mapping.

The Competere mapping gives us a general but clear structure of each of fundamental aspects. The mapping aspects of Competere Coaching allow each student athletes to understand what is needed from a larger point of view.

3. Programming.

The programming stages are the detailed and progressive plans inside the mapping structure. Below are the fundamentals programs we will address and define for each young athlete who will be involved with Competere coaching.

Here we look at the athletic/physical fundamental areas that are necessary for you to perform in your sport. Inside the On Boarding assessment we identify the athletic core competences of being a specific athlete and we recognize where your strengths and weakness lie. I will provide you with a program and an instructor that caters to your development needs.
Inside the Tennis program I will look at your technical, tactical development. The on boarding stage will be done through video analysis to better identify the strengths and weaknesses of their game. During this time ,with the help of equipment specialist, we will examine the racquets, strings , grips and accessories necessary for their development. We will look at the training regiments needed for them to have a clear, conscience mindset and I will work side by side other coaches involved in their development.
Inside the personal development program we focus on character development and understanding what traits are truly necessary perform at your desired capacity. The On boarding assessment will start off with phase 1 where we identify the 4 C’s and we walk through a series of exercises and fun tasks catered towards each young student.
During the on boarding assessment we will track and identify what your eating habits entail. I will provide you with the resources needed to develop a nutritional plan that is specifically catered to your needs.

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Season 1, Episode 6 – Program    |    12 min

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